When Do Girls Stop Growing Taller

When Do Girls Stop Growing Taller
According to the research, usually girls will stop growing tall a year or two after they start their first period. Results poll found that most of girls stop growing around 16-19 years old. In certain cases, there are also girls who have stopped growing at around age 13-16. So, what doctors says? According to the doctor’s opinion, girls will stop growing in height around the age of eighteen. By looking at all these statements, we can conclude that girls will normally stop growing as earlier as 13 years old to the maximum age 18 years old depending by their attained puberty.

There are several more reasons why the girls have a different height in different age. It depends on genes, which age attained puberty, races, growth hormone deficiency, food consumption, countries and effects of any chronic illness.

Genes – Races – Countries

Genetics is the main reason that will determine a person's height. Usually if your parents are short, you will also be short. But in certain cases, there are also individuals who are higher than their parents due to the possibility of grandparents or relatives who have a higher height genetic. Race and countries also plays a role in height growth. Of course, it is also caused by genetics. We cannot know in detail about the height of a person through the race and countries, but we can identify generally and possibly the maximum height that can be achieved. So if you migrate to Asia, do not think you are a giant because it occurs only there.


What is puberty? Puberty is something that will happen to both boys and girls when they reach a certain age. When does puberty start? Normally it starts around 8-13 years for girls and 12-16 years for boys, but it may start earlier or later. The conclusion is your puberty age is not same with others, either girls or boys. If you think you’re taller than boys it is only temporary because boy’s puberty later than girls and this causes girls grow faster than boys. Most girls will stop growing taller during early teens then boys take over. During puberty, your body will experience some major changes. When this stage there are many changes that will happen to you, but the changes discussed here is dramatically height growth. Your body will grow very fast and starts to change into an adult body. For girls, puberty happens over a period of 2 to 4 years, but may last longer.

Growth spurts: You may grow 2 to 8 inches or more during puberty. Girls usually stop growing about 2 years after they start their period. Your feet and hands will grow longer and wider. Your feet may grow faster or finish growing before you see other puberty changes.


If you do not eat right, you can expect to see your height growth stymied at an earlier point in your life, usually right after puberty. Therefore, it is very important that you eat a balanced diet, and one that is full of things to improve your overall health. Foods that interact positively with hormones and bone growth, like vegetables and milk, are highly recommended if you are interested in growing to your maximum potential. Well, you can grow quiet tall until eighteen if you eat well, but if you don't, it possibly stop growing when you’re 15 or 16.


Staying active is a huge part of growing as tall as you can as well. However, if you are less active and a bit stagnant, you can benefit greatly by doing some stretches. Focus on stretches and exercises that target your spine, but do not neglect other parts of your body.

The idea is to get strong muscles that can improve your posture and allow you to appear taller, while simultaneously decompressing your spine and filling the cartilage discs between your vertebrae fill up and expand.

The conclusion

If you are taller than boys, there is nothing to worries about because usually girls will grow faster than boys before boys take over again. But, if you’re taller than other girls don’t worry since the time of puberty is not the same for every girl. If you’re shorter than other boys and girls and you’re so sure that your body has stopped growing, but you need and must grow taller about another inch then you need height expertise helps. Don’t worry there is a solution for your problem. There is still hope.

Even though growth mostly stops a few years after adolescence, most women will continue growing very minor amounts well into their twenties. The amount is negligible, but it is worth noting. If you are genuinely concerned with your height and you feel you have stopped growing, do not lose all hope. You might very well gain another inch before you turn thirty.

However, if you would like to maximize your height while still growing or grow a few inches even after you have stopped growing, you should try doing some stretching exercises. Even though it is said these exercises makes you grow a few inches, in actual fact, you become taller by stretching your back – hence you did not grow taller but ‘became’ taller. These exercises also release growth hormones that will maximize your height if you are still in your growth period.

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